Progeni has 25 years experience in providing IT Services that preserve, migrate, transform, integrate and modernize enterprise legacy applications. Billions of lines of legacy code are in use today. The common challenge is how to leverage this priceless asset that contains critical, core, business rules and processes for the organization's operation.

Progeniís software processing factory enables the leveraging of legacy code by transforming it for new technology platforms. Within the transformation factory, Progeni takes, as input, source programs and associated data and outputs them for a specific target platform. The target platform operating systems are commonly UNIX, Linux, Windows and enterprise class servers with browser or Windows GUI interfaces with data transformed into Oracle, DB2 and SQL databases.

Our transformation services converts source from one language, operating system and file format to another. Progeni also has developed the tools and technologies to assemble new composite web based applications from multiple legacy applications on disparate systems. We also provide cost effective onshore outsourcing, IT consulting and project management services. 

Easytrieve Transformation Services
Progeni Ďs software processing factory supports the transformation of proprietary, Easytrieve reports and associated data files, into standard COBOL reports and files targeted to run on Microsoft SQL servers. This greatly reduces the annual costs associated with proprietary product licenses and frees up mainframe hardware resources for other mission critical applications.

Easytrieve source can optionally be transformed into Progeniís COBOL-generating Report Writer, which will further reduce on-going maintenance workloads. Progeni can also support customer regression testing of the transformed reports to satisfy customer management and audit requirements. 

Rapid transformation of mission critical applications to run on more cost effective new technology platforms without completely rewriting and re-hosting them is the most practical solution. Our solutions ensure the ROI is recovered in months rather than years.

The provision of efficient, well formatted, modular code that integrates legacy systems with the latest software and technologies, are benefits accrued by Progeni's customers. We offer fixed price, fixed delivery services. Our track record of success is based on our automated Software Factory process that ensures consistent, quality results every time.

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